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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Discovering South Carolina Rock Art

Tommy Charles book, “Discovering South Carolina’s Rock Art” is now available! It can be ordered online from various book merchants or the University of South Carolina Press.

For overview of the book see the books description at the University of South Carolina Press at

To download an excerpt of the book from the university the University of South Carolina Press go to the following URL:

Chapter 2: Transitional Paleo-Indian/Archaic Points

Transitional Paleo-Indian/Early Archaic Points   Relatively few of South Carolina’s prehistoric chipped stone bifaces can, with absolute certainty, be placed into the time frame that transitions between the Paleo-Indian and Early Archaic cultural periods. Some of those believed to share a Paleo-Indian/Early Archaic cultural affiliation are presented here. Beaver Lake As described by Cambron and…

Chapter 1: Paleo-Indian Points

   PALEO-INDIAN POINTS Lanceolate Paleo-Indian Points When we think of the Paleo-Indian peoples that inhabited North America it is, perhaps, the lanceolate and fluted Clovis point that most frequently comes to mind as an icon of that culture (fig. 1) Although the Clovis point is generally accepted as the oldest identifiable form of the Native…

Title and Introduction

PREHISTORIC CHIPPED STONE TOOLS  OF  SOUTH CAROLINA Tommy Charles P.A.S.T.  Piedmont Archaeological Studies Trust, Inc. PO Box 54, Glendale, SC  29346   INTRODUCTION The original purpose for the following compilations of prehistoric chipped stone tool data was simply to illustrate, by graphics and text, the considerable diversity of forms of those that occur in South…

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